Wat wil Maxime Eng

What does Maxime want?

Chateau Meiland, who doesn’t know it?

For two seasons we were able to enjoy Martien, his partner Erica and their daughter Maxime with her two year old daughter Claire. It is hard work for the family to turn the Chateau from a neglected castle into a pleasant stay.

What does Maxime want?

In the new series ‘What does Maxime want’, we get a sneak peek into the world of Maxime. Why did Maxime come to France? Where is Claire’s father? Will Claire perhaps get a brother or sister? What will Maxime do when she comes back to Holland? A lot of questions we would like to find out!

Curious about Maxime’s life? “What does Maxime want?” can be seen exclusively from www.lindameiden.nl and soon on YouTube..