Team Kops

Team Kops

Realityshow about the legendary gym of Bert Kops in Amsterdam.

Bert Kops: Wrestling legend and martial arts pioneer. He’s the owner of Kops Gym, located in Amsterdam. MMA- and kickbockschampions, Dutch celebrities and all sorts of martial arts lovers all come here to train. In this eight-part series, we follow this striking personality in his gym and everything else that goes with it. We show Bert Kops while he guides kids and adult athletes on their way to the ultimate dream: becoming a champion!

Passion, fighting spirit, pain and endurance take up a central spot in these series.

Double Trouble


A realityshow starring the much-discussed MTV-twinsisters Sharon and Esmee. (known from the show Ex On The Beach Double Dutch).

The twins are sent on a holiday, destination unknown! After a horrfic stay on a campground in the Bulgarian midlands, they finally end up in Sunny Beach where they take a plunge in the infamous nightlife.