Just Tattoo Of Us eng

Just Tattoo of Us

In Just Tattoo of Us it’s all about one thing: mutilating each other!

Just Tattoo of Us Benelux is the most extreme relationship test on earth! Bro’s, besties, family members and couples give each other the most terrible, shocking, sometimes sweet but usually repulsive tattoos. But they only get to see what has been done to them when the ink has dried.
Lord help us out here!

Together with Jaimie Vaes and Koen Kardashian we see how the hell breaks loose!

Scoor De Zomer Door eng

Score through the Summer

In ‘Scoor de Zomer Door’ it’s all about one thing: scoring! And you can leave that to Channah and Jorden from Ex on the Beach. They turn out to be true love cupids by giving a helping hand to boys and girls on a date during their holidays. One might fall for the wrong type, the other is just too shy.

Whatever the reason, Channah and Jorden tackle these problems and look for the perfect match…
The tablet of love creates a spicy twist, and ultimately the question is: is it a score or not?

Team Kops Eng

Team Kops

Reality show around the legendary Amsterdam gym by Bert Kops.

Bert Kops: wrestling legend and martial arts pioneer. He owns the Amsterdam Kops Gym where MMA and Kickboxing champions, famous Dutch people, but also martial arts enthusiasts from young to old train.

In this eight-part docu series we follow this striking personality in his gym and everything that comes with it.

We follow Bert Kops in his guidance of children and adult athletes on their way to their ultimate dream: becoming a champion!

This series, which can be seen on Spike, focuses on Passion, fighting spirit, pain and perseverance.


Double Trouble Eng

Double Trouble

A reality show with the much-discussed about MTV twin sisters Sharon and Esmee (known from Ex On The Beach) in the lead roles.

The sisters are sent on vacation, destination unknown! After a hell of a stay at a campsite in the Bulgarian inlands, they finally end up in Sunny Beach where they take a plunge in the infamous nightlife.

Do you want to see the episodes again? Take a quick look at Videoland.