Wat wil Maxime Eng

What does Maxime want?

Chateau Meiland, who doesn’t know it?

For two seasons we were able to enjoy Martien, his partner Erica and their daughter Maxime with her two year old daughter Claire. It is hard work for the family to turn the Chateau from a neglected castle into a pleasant stay.

What does Maxime want?

In the new series ‘What does Maxime want’, we get a sneak peek into the world of Maxime. Why did Maxime come to France? Where is Claire’s father? Will Claire perhaps get a brother or sister? What will Maxime do when she comes back to Holland? A lot of questions we would like to find out!

Curious about Maxime’s life? “What does Maxime want?” can be seen exclusively from www.lindameiden.nl and soon on YouTube..

Treinscore Eng


‘Train score’ shows the positive effect of traveling by train in relation to other means of transport.

What do we actually know about traveling by train? Do we know how much it costs compared to another vehicle? Is the train sometimes not faster? And do you know how sustainable the train actually is?

  In these episodes we see a duel between different friends, family and loved ones. Who scores the most points on price, comfort, speed and above all; durability?! This is Train Score!

Spike X Vechtersbazen eng


Fighters! The first martial arts podcast in the
Netherlands! Dutch fighters and sport talents are the main focus of the podcast, but we keep an eye on
international developments as we have many top
performers performing internationally.

Every two weeks two guests take a seat on the legendary ‘Money Green Sofa’ next to Marloes Coenen and Dennis Kornman and discuss politics, share life stories and speculate about the upcoming fights. If you can understand Dutch, check out Spike Sports YouTube every two weeks on Monday at 4 pm or listen to Spotify!

Ex On The Beach: Double Dutch All Stars eng

What happened next?

Eight hot, sexy singles are leaving for a paradise for a summer full of love … Or so they think. They party, date and flirt with pleasure under sultry temperatures and in a tropical setting. The perfect conditions for fledgling romances, one-night stands or perhaps finding true love.

But how are the candidates doing now? Is there still love? How are the plastic fantastic dolls?

Have a look at ‘What happened next?”

Just Tattoo Of Us eng

Just Tattoo of Us

In Just Tattoo of Us it’s all about one thing: mutilating each other!

Just Tattoo of Us Benelux is the most extreme relationship test on earth! Bro’s, besties, family members and couples give each other the most terrible, shocking, sometimes sweet but usually repulsive tattoos. But they only get to see what has been done to them when the ink has dried.
Lord help us out here!

Together with Jaimie Vaes and Koen Kardashian we see how the hell breaks loose!

Harrie: van het Kamp naar de Ring eng

Harrie: from the camping to the ring!

A reality series in which Harrie from Ex On The Beach presents his other qualities;
that of a talented boxer.

Trained by Nieky Holzken, he will try to leave his sex, drugs and rock & roll life behind, for a real knockout at Boxing Influencers. On Saturday 26 October Harrie entered the ring against Danicio Codfried.

Scoor De Zomer Door eng

Score through the Summer

In ‘Scoor de Zomer Door’ it’s all about one thing: scoring! And you can leave that to Channah and Jorden from Ex on the Beach. They turn out to be true love cupids by giving a helping hand to boys and girls on a date during their holidays. One might fall for the wrong type, the other is just too shy.

Whatever the reason, Channah and Jorden tackle these problems and look for the perfect match…
The tablet of love creates a spicy twist, and ultimately the question is: is it a score or not?

Notorious Slumbs eng

Notorious Slumbs

Notorious Slums: Ewout in the Ghetto is a reportage series on RTL5. In this program, Ewout Genemans goes to neighbourhoods and areas that you can better avoid as an outsider. These 8 most dangerous neighbourhoods in the world have their own regime, rules and alternative legal system. For a few days, Ewout takes a look around a neighbourhood and meets the leaders of the local gangs.

A collaboration with No Pictures Please.

The Wine Journey

The Wine Journey

Two series in which writer Ronald Giphart and wine expert Harold Hamersma make gastronomic road trip abroad to learn all about the wine and food of the country they visit.

A collaboration with Blue Circle.

Inside Notorious Prisons

Notorious Prisons

Ewout Genemans is locked up in the most Notorious Prisons in the world to discover what life looks like behind foreign bars. It is nice to stay in no prison. But some prisons are a true hell. In “Notorious Prisons: Ewout In The Cell” Ewout is voluntarily locked up in six of the most notorious prisons in the world.

Prisons that are known for the barbaric conditions such as overcrowded cells, poor hygiene, vermin and violence among prisoners. In some prisons there is cholera and the plague and the rats come up when it gets dark. Ewout visits prisons in Brazil, the Philippines, Madagascar, Curaçao, Poland and Mexico.

A collaboration with No Pictures Please.